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How do I get an account?

You will be sent a Invention Lab store invite when you sign up for a Maker Pass. You can also visit an Invention Lab staff member in person to request an account.

How do I pay?

For Store purchases you will be billed at the end of each semester or summer period. We bill directly through CalCentral. Charges will appear under “CalCentral - My Finances”.

For personal Maker Passes - we will process this at the time of purchase.

If you have any questions, please contact

Can I opt-out of CalCentral payment? 

At this time - CalCentral billing Is our only quick method for payment. If you choose to opt-out you can pay by check made out to UC regents, and submitted to Invention Lab staff.

Can I pay with a Chartstring?

Maker Pass Research memberships can pay through a chartstring - please contact Invention Lab staff to request chartstring billing before the end of the semester, without a Research Makerpass - we are unable to supply you with a detailed breakdown of charges - which makes reimbursement for purchases next to impossible.

Where do I pick up my orders?

Orders can be picked up at the Invention Lab by approaching any staff member, 2nd floor Sutardja Dai Hall MailBoxes (soon) and AirLocker System in the 2nd floor lobby of Sutardja Dai Hall (Late 2021). If you do not have access to the building after hours - you can request your project be placed in our DropBox on the west side of Sutardja Dai Hall (between Yali's Cafe and Room 200 SDH).


Consumable items (laser cutter materials, batteries, etc) are not refundable.

For electronics and other items, please notify Invention Lab staff within 14 days if you notice any defects or problems. A replacement will be exchanged at no additional cost.