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Blink M

Blink M

We currently have 2 in stock at the Invention Lab.

This is a BlinkM smart light-emitting diode (LED) with pulse width modulation (PWM) capabilities that lets designers express their most dynamic ideas in multicolored lights without requiring them to have an extensive knowledge of electronics. Lighting other LEDs in an arbitrary color, fading them from one color to another, or blinking them in a specific pattern typically requires knowledge of electrical engineering, color theory, and embedded hardware programming. Smart LED’sPWM capabilities and its easily mastered software mean that designers need not master any of these disciplines, freeing them to be creative and focus on the application.

Its separate micro-controller sets the ultra-bright, wide-angle RGB LED to virtually any color and can make it blink in almost any sequence. Once it is programmed, the controller can be removed and the LED can be installed on a circuit board or prototype. Unlike other PWM units, all it takes to program this LED is a few mouse clicks and the will to innovate.

Perfect for architecture, prototyping, and any other inventive display or dynamic pattern, it opens up a world of new possibilities for designers of any product that may benefit from dynamic LED technology.

The model we sell is an ultra bright 8000 mcd 140º full-color RGB LED with 24-bit color control that can plug directly into Arduino I/O board (not included). No microcontroller is needed for light script playback. Low power consumption with 5-volt standard TTL inputs.